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Sunday Ceramics

Custom Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Custom Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

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  • Handmade in Australia

Introducing the Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, a thoughtfully designed ceramic bowl that adds a touch of personality and slows down your dog's mealtime. Handcrafted in the Northern Rivers studio, this bowl is the perfect blend of style and functionality, made especially for your four-legged friends who just can't pace themselves.

The Slow Feeder Dog Bowl features your choice of slowing shape - rainbow, yin yang, X, waves, or your pet's initial - making slow mealtime extra special for your furry companion. Its varied sizes are designed for all breeds, ensuring they have ample space to enjoy their favourite treats.

For an extra personal touch, we stamp your furry friend's name on the outside of the dish, creating a truly one-of-a-kind bowl for your beloved canine companion.

Please note that each dog bowl is individually handcrafted, which may result in slight variations in size, shape, and colour. These subtle differences make your Slow Feeder Dog Bowl truly unique and a cherished addition to your pet's accessories.

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