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Sunday Ceramics

Oak Bowl - Rust

Oak Bowl - Rust

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  • Handmade in Australia

Introducing the Oak Bowl in Rust, a versatile and stylish ceramic bowl designed to accommodate all your favourite dishes. Handcrafted in the Northern Rivers studio, this bowl combines timeless elegance with everyday functionality.

The Oak Bowl features a captivating Rust glaze, adding a touch of sophistication to your tableware collection. Its size and shape make it perfect for pasta, soup, morning muesli, or anything else you'd want a bowl for. One size truly does fit all with this style.

Each Oak Bowl is carefully shaped by hand, giving every piece its own unique character. The smooth and polished finish ensures these bowls are both visually appealing and functional, making them a delight to use and display. Its classic shape and contemporary glaze make it a unique piece of kitchenware that won't go out of style. Satiate your appetite for the timeless with the Oak Bowl in Rust!

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